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Most Effective Medication For Osteoarthritis | MobiGen

Who we Are?

M/S EUROMED, a proprietary company started in the year 1998 and running successfully for the past 2 decades. By 2000, EUROMED was offering glucosamine sulphate (Mobigen Plus), a formula designed to help osteoarthritis for the first time in India. Since then, the Mobigen Plus has gained the confidence of so many reputed orthopedic doctors and was recommended by them consistently. We are proud to offer natural supplements that help to cure osteoarthritis. We assure to offer the best quality product.

At M/S EUROMED, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Our customers know that we are here to assist them in every possible way. We found that our victory was not only built on the highest-quality product, but also it came as a result of your support. Now Mobigen Plus is one of the outstanding and well-known reputed brands in India.

M/S EUROMED started its manufacturing activity with one brand Mobigen Plus and successfully expanded its range to 25 plus brands, with a manufacturing tie-up with M/S GOISH Remedies Ltd at Himachal Pradesh, having a WHO approved manufacturing unit. For the past two decades, M/S EUROMED has gained the confidence of the people with its quality products and extraordinary service to the public.

With this successful background, M/S EUROMED is pleased to market its reputed brand Mobigen Plus through online marketing with more economy and convenience of the people of India.

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve the people suffering from osteoarthritis with best quality product at economical price.

Our Mission

Dedicated to fight against Osteoarthritis. Customers Satisfaction and happiness is our highest priority.

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