The easy way of understanding the Knee and Join Pains

In human body between any of the two bones (the joint) there will be sponge like material (greasy also called cartilage. This cartilage helps in the movements of joints,by providing lubrication between the two bones,thus ensuring free movements.

The degeneration of the cartilage (lose of cartilage) will cause severe pain in the joints due to stuck up of the bones without  friction. The gap between the two bones will get narrowed. At this stage the movements of the joints will stuckup and hence can’t be moved and causes severe and unbearable pain. This condition is called Osteoarthritis.The patients of Osteoarthritis will have severe and unbearable pain in the joints that leads to shedding of tears. This will results for the patients for not attending to any of their daily activities.

Using our Knee Joint Pain Gel, Knee Joint Pain Capsules will give you relief from Joint Pains.

Best Medicine for Joint Pain


Our product Mobigen plus( has named after assuring Mobility Generator) contains Glucosamine sulphate 750mg and Methyl Sulphonyl Methane 250mg. Mobigen plus is available in a HDPE container of 30 capsules.Mobigen plus is not a pain killer. It regenerates cartilage and treats the root cause of Osteoarthritis,slowly and completely.

30 capsules of Mobigen plus are available in a HDPE container at the cost of Rs.300/-per container.A six months course of 12 containers are packed in a Plastic Box costing Rs.3600/- (12cotainersXRs300).For online buyers M/S.Euromed gives 30% discount and the total cost is Rs.2400/-only.This facility can be kindly utilised for the people suffering from Osteoarthritis.We wish you sure and complete recovery.

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Best Pain Relief Cream for Arthritis


  • To regenrate the Cartilage
  • Improved Synovial functions
  • Relieves pains, inflammation and stiffness
  • Effects radio logical improvements
  • Retards Joint Space Narrowing
  • Improves overall mobility and quality of Life

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Best Medicine for Osteoarthritis Pain