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About Mobigen Gel and Capsules

We are leading manufacturers for Joint Pain relief Gel and Joint Pain relief Capsules. It also acts as a pain killer for Joint Pains, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain and Back Pain. Our product Mobigen Gel and Mobigen Capsules gives you complete relief from Osteo Arthritis disease.
EUROMED is a well known pharmaceutical company established in 1998 with an aim of adding life to the bones and joints and hence indulged in Orthopedics.Euromed is registered under trade marks act and intellectual properties act No.1335731.Euromed is a rapidly growing pharmaceutical company based in India having, manufacturing tie up with WHO GMP manufacturing unit. This company is focused in the segment of orthopaedics to see the smile in the faces of the patients suffering from arthritis especially Osteo Arthritis,the degenerative disease. Prior to 1990’s the patients suffering from Osteo Arthritis had no option than going for the surgery called Total knee replacement. Euromed has launched a new molecule by name Glucosamine sulphate for the first time in India,with the brand name of Mobigen plus(in capsule form) which is Known as the ultimate cartillage regenerator. By regenerating cartillage ,the degenerative disease Osteo Arthritis can be cured without the surgery and can bring the patient to the normalcy ensuring the smiles in the patients. Mobigen is named with the tag of Generates mobility. To support the above treatment,Euromed also launched Mobigen gel (diclofenac gel) to take care of Knee joint pain ,Back pain , Joint pain ,Neck pain ,Shoulder pain ,Arthritis ,Sprain ,etc.,