Product Information & usage

Our product Mobigen plus( has named after assuring Mobility Generator) contains Glucosamine sulphate 750mg and Methyl Sulphonyl Methane 250mg.Mobigen plus is available in a HDPE container of 30 capsules.

The usage of Mobigen plus:

Mobigen plus has to be taken one capsule after the breakfast and one capsule after the dinner.Because Glucsaomine is an assured cartilage regenerator,the regeneration take place slowly and hence Mobigen plus has to be taken for a period of minimum six months. Mobigen plus is not a pain killer. It regenerates cartilage and treats the root cause of Osteoarthritis,slowly and completely.

The safety of Mobigen Plus Capsules:

Mobigen Plus Capsule(Glucosamine) is a dietary supplement and hence it is very safe and widely used molecule in USA. It is being sold as a dietary supplement as an OTC product

Presentation and Price:

Mobigen Plus Capsules:

30 capsules of Mobigen plus are available in a HDPE container at the cost of Rs.300/-per container.A six months course of 12 containers are packed in a Plastic Box costing Rs.3600/- (12cotainersXRs300).For online buyers M/S.Euromed gives 30% discount and the total cost is Rs.2400/-only.This facility can be kindly utilised for the people suffering from Osteoarthritis.We wish you sure and complete recovery.

Mobigen Gel :

A small Quantity of Mobigen Gel is to be squeezed from the tube and applied Gently on painful parts.Need not be rubbed harshly.Each tube (30gms) of Mobigen Gel costing 65/-.For online buyers a pack of 6 tubes costing only Rs.300/- instead of 390/- assuring 25% discount.

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